Last Line Dance Social will be Thursday, June 14th from 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm.

Click PDF below to download playlist for the next social.

June 14 2018 Socials Playlist.pdf
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* The Line Dance Socials Playlist is uploaded each week by Tuesday night.

Line Dances Taught at the Socials

Do It Like This (4/12/2018)

Whiskey Bridges (3/22/2018)

Say Something (3/22/2018)

Beat of the Music (3/22/2018)

Chill Factor (3/1/2018)

We'll Stay Young (2/22/2018)

She Gives Me Life (2/22/2018)

Oh Mama Hey (2/1/2018)

Sweet Stuff (2/1/2018)

Stars Stripes and Dirt (1/18/2018)

What the Hell, Might as Well (1/18/2018)

We Just Might (1/18/2018)

Running Out of Air (12/28/2017)

Wave on Wave (12/21/2017)

Booty to the Floor (10/20/2017)

Cars 3 Drive (9/29/2017)

10 Minute Walk (9/1/2017)

Strip That Down (8/25/2017)

I'm Free (8/18/2017)

Footloose Again (8/11/2017)

Out of My League (8/11/2017)

  Honky Tonk Highway (7/7/2017)

You Broke Up With Me (7/7/2017)

Bop It (6/24/2017) 

 1159 (6/2/2017)

Slow Burn 17 (6/2/2017)

Drinking Problem (5/12/2017)

That Love (5/12/2017)

Blue Night Cha (4/7/2017)

Central Standard Time (4/7/2017) - Mishnock Barn Videos for Demo and Teach

Thumbs Up (3/10/2017)

A Girl from the South Side (3/10/2017)

The Shape of You (2/24/2017)

Ain't Giving (2/24/2017)

Soldier (2/10/2017)

Working It !(2/10/2017)

This is a searchable PDF listing songs and dances taught around Melbourne for the last 8 years. We are always adding to it, so check for updates. A huge "THANK YOU!" goes to Sonia Ouellet for checking and updating all of the links.
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