Join us for our Monthly Line Dance Night at Melbourne Ballroom.

2019 Spring Socials Schedule!

  • January 26th
  • February 16th
  • March 16th
  • April 27th
  • May 25th
  • June 29th

Event information

7:00 pm Doors Open

Lessons begin at 7:30 pm with a mix of beginner and intermediate dances taught.


Cost: only $10 per person at the door

 Bring your own drinks and we'll dance until our feet tire out!


 **Fill out the e-mail form below with your top 3 requests!

If you e-mail your requests in advance, you will get at least one dance played in the first half hour!** 

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Melbourne Ballroom

6300 N. Wickham Road

Melbourne, FL 32940

Telephone: (321) 255-1537

Teaches during our Socials

April 2018 - Trevor Thornton Guest Instructor

She's a Thrilla (Intermediate)

Tip Toe (Advanced)


June 2018 - Lisanne Winters Guest Instructor

Icing on the Cake (danced to Free and Easy by Dierks Bentley) - Beginner)

Must've Been (Beginner)

Hot Country Girl (Beginner)

Nice to Meet Ya (Intermediate)


July 2018 

Icing on the Cake (danced to Free and Easy by Dierks Bentley) - Beginner)

Moonwalkin EZ (Beginner)

New Tattoo (Improver/Intermediate)


 August 2018 

Shut Up & Dance EZ (Beginner)

Pure Movies (also danced to  Return to Sender) (Beginner)

A-B Chilli Cha (also danced to Last Night) (Beginner)

Get Ya Some (Improver)

 A Double Whiskey (Improver)

 September 2018

Damn! contra (Beginner)

Make Some Noise (Improver)

Cowboy Rhythm (Classic Beginner)

The Wolf (Beginner - 2 wall teach)


October 2018

Wrong Night (Beginner)

Relentless (Beginner)

A Double Whiskey - Review


November 2018

Hands Up & Party (Beginner)

Amy's NC2 (Beginner)

24 Reasons (Improver)


December 2018

Lean on In (Improver)

Walk the Line (Beginner/Intermediate)

Weekend (Intermediate) **Special guest teach by Candee Seger


October 2018 - What creative costumes and dancing!

April 2018 - What a great first event!