Monday Beginner Class is from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm at the Veterans Memorial Complex (2285 Minton Road, West Melbourne, FL 32904) - $6 per class

Lessons for 8/19: Damn; I Love It When You Call Me Senorita; DISCO; I Love A Rainy Night; Itsy Bitsy Spider Dance; My One and Only

Lessons for 8/12: I Love A Rainy Night; Itsy Bitsy Spider Dance; Damn!; I Love It When You Call Me Senorita; Games; Mamma Maria

Lessons for 8/5: Country Bump; Bad, Bad, Leroy Brown; Mess Me Up; I Love It When You Call Me Senorita; DISCO; Damn!; Ah Si!

Lessons for 7/29: Bullfrog on a Log; DISCO; Mess Me Up; Waitin' on 5; AB Gotta Stay Hungry; Bad Bad, Leroy Brown; Ah Si!

Lessons for 7/22: Bad, Bad, Leroy Brown; My One and Only, Waitin' on 5; AB Gotta Stay Hungry; These Old Boots; Oops; DISCO; Itsy Bitsy Spider Dance

Lessons for 7/15: One Big Country Song; Bad Bad Leroy Brown; AB Gotta Stay Hungry; Waitin' on 5; My One and Only; Ah Si!: ABieber 

Lessons for 7/8: One Big Country Song; Country Bump; Mmm Yeah Easy; Waitin' on 5; My One and Only; ABieber

Lessons for 7/1: Fresh; Country Bump; Waitin' on 5; Farm Yard Dance; Stealing the Best; My One and Only; ABieber; Mamma Maria

Lessons for 6/24: Fresh, AB "L"; Stealing the Best;  Imelda's Way; My One And Only; Country Bump; Hot Country Girl

Lessons for 6/17: Fresh, ABieber, Oops, Stealing the Best, Imelda's Way; These Old Boots

Lessons for 6/10: Fresh; These Old Boots; Oops; Drinking Problem; Imelda's Way; Ah Si!

Lessons for 6/3: It's Easy; Fresh; Oops; Ah Si; Strut N' Go; Drinking Problem


Click on the name of a dance and you will find a step sheet page and (hopefully) a demo or tutorial video.

Beginning Dances A - H

101 (to "What Do Ya Think About That")

1159 (also to "Nothing Good Happens After Midnight")

A Little Less Traveled

A Little Love Worth Waiting 4

A Little Outta Control

A Road Less Traveled

AB Gotta Stay Hungry

AB Take It From Me


Af Af Af

Ah Si! (also danced to "Better When I'm Dancing"; "Fireball"; "The Fighter")

Bad Bad Leroy Brown (also danced to "We Love It")

Believe in Love (stepsheet coming soon)

Black Betty's Worldwide

Boot Scootin' Boogie

Bop It

Born to be Great

Bring Down the House

Broken Stones

Bullfrog On A Log

Cadillacs and Caviar

Completely AB

Country As Can Be

Country Bump

Country Walkin'

Cowboy Boogie

Cowboy Charleston (danced to "Simple" and "Four on the Floor")

Crash a Little

Crazy Little Thing EZ

Damn! (contra)

Dance Man

Dance With You (also danced to "Who's Up?")



DN Waltz

Drink My Way Out

Easy Love (danced to "There's Your Trouble" Dixie Chicks & "Sweet Dreams" Eurythmics)

Electric Slide

Elsie Side Slide

Farm Yard Dance

From Time to Time (stepsheet coming)

Fresh (also danced to "Caught Up In the Country" and "Just the Way You Are")

Fun For All (danced to "Hide the Wine"; "I'm In a Hurry"; "California Dreaming")

Games (stepsheet coming)

Get Up & Try!

Ghost Train

Gin & Tonic (danced to "Love Drunk" and "New Tattoo"

Girl of the Summer

Hands Up And Party (Instructional Video)

Have a Good Time

Hey Senorita AB

Hey Ya'All

Hot Country Girl


This is a searchable PDF listing songs and dances taught around Melbourne for the last 8 years. We are always adding to it, so check for updates. A huge "THANK YOU!" goes to Sonia Ouellet for checking and updating all of the links.
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